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A new Infinite Crisis champion trailer puts the spotlight on lightning-fueled Shazam

In Turbine's upcoming DC Universe MOBA Infinite Crisis, the mystical Shazam will be a brawler with sustained damage according to his newly-released champion profile.

Unlike other champions that have a slowly replenishing resource pool, Shazam's abilities draw from a rapidly-regenerating energy meter. One of his abilities creates a lightning storm around him doing area-of-effect and steadily draining energy, while another toggles between regaining energy whenever he is hit and whenever his attacks connect, allowing players to keep the lightning storm active for longer. He has two abilities that dash to an opponent, and his ultimate has a long enough range to engage on enemies over walls.

Shazam's official name for most of his fictional existence had been Captain Marvel, but he had been popularly known by his transformation catchphrase, "Shazam!" When DC relaunched its universe in 2012, they officially changed the character's name to Shazam.

Infinite Crisis is in closed beta testing and is expected to hit Windows PC this year.

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