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Divekick adds Seth 'S-Kill' Killian to roster as its final boss

Seth "S-Kill" Killian, fighting game expert, former special advisor at Capcom and now producer at Sony Santa Monica Studio, has joined the increasingly bizarre cast of parody fighting game Divekick.

Featuring Killian's signature cross handed style, S-Kill will appear as the final boss of the game's story mode. He's also playable, with a unique set of moves. S-Kill can teleport — much like the Seth of Street Fighter 4 — instead of jumping before his divekicks and has the ability to parry.

S-Kill is a challenging character to play, as we learned during some hands-on time with Divekick last week (while playing against the real-life Seth Killian). While we'd never beat Killian in a fair fight in any other game, Killian seemed to be at something of a disadvantage while playing as himself. Divekick's comparatively simple two-button controls and one-hit kills combined with a lot of luck certainly helped.

Killian said he didn't have much input into the design of his character, leaving it up to developers Iron Galaxy and Divekick creator Adam "Keits" Heart to create his blazer-wearing likeness.

Divekick is slated for release on PlayStation 3, PS Vita and Windows PC sometime this summer.

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