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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive introduces community regulators with Overwatch

Valve is introducing a community regulated scheme called the Overwatch into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, giving experienced community members the power to review and decide on disruptive behavior reports, according the official Counter-Strike blog.

Via the Overwatch button, Investigators will able to view reports of disruptive behavior and give a verdict accordingly. Verdicts are Postpone; Majorly Disruptive, which is applied to cheaters; griefing falls under Minorly Disruptive; and Insufficient Evidence.

A ban will be issued if investigators collectively agree that the offending player is guilty; however, a high-scoring investigator's decision has more weight than a lower-scoring investigator. Ban durations range given the "severity of the offense and the suspect's history of convictions."

CS:GO community members will be chosen as investigators based on an amalgamation of factors, such as competitive wins, account age, hours played, skill group and low report count.

More information about Valve's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Overwatch scheme is outlined in full on the game's official blog.

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