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Unity supporting Linux-based platform Tizen

Unity Technologies, the company behind the Unity multi-platform game engine, will provide support for Tizen, the Linux-based open source mobile operating system.

The deployment tools will allow Unity's community of developers to create games for Tizen-operated smartphones and tablets, and publish them to the Tizen Store later this year.

"Unity and Tizen have a lot in common in that they both aim to make the creation and the deployment of games and other apps as easy as possible for developers," Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason said in a statement.

According to The Verge, Samsung is expected to launch multiple Tizen phones later this year, along with a high-end Tizen smartphone due in September.

Earlier this week, Unity Technologies announced that it will provide indie developers with free publishing tools for the development of iOS and Android games. Due to "waning investment in the Flash platform," the company is dropping support for Adobe's Flash technology, it revealed last month.

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