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BioWare apologizes for accidentally banning over 100 Star Wars: The Old Republic players

BioWare took to its official forums today to apologize for accidentally banning between 100 and 150 players of its MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Yesterday a number of players were emailed a notification for a week-long ban from the game due to an apparent violation of terms of service.

Community Manager Eric Musco has since written an official apology on the game's forums, stating:

"What occurred, and what you folks reported, is that there was a small subset of players who were incorrectly caught in this tracking and subsequently actioned. Just to give you a bit of perspective, there were less than 150 people in total who were incorrectly actioned as a part of what happened yesterday. If you were one of those players who had not been exploiting and were wrongly flagged, you should have already been contacted by CS as of reading this message. If this is what occurred to you I cannot express how sorry we are. We are going through great lengths internally to avoid situations like this happening in the future.

"If you have not had your suspension reversed and you feel this was in error, please contact and they will be able to look into the issue further. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, again if you were affected you should have already been contacted and if not please email the address listed above."

It's believed that this is the result of a recent feature added to the game which allows players to create duplicate items to share with other characters on their account using the game's Legacy system.

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