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Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie coming to PC

Joe Danger and sequel Joe Danger 2: The Movie are coming to Steam for Windows PC, Hello Games announced today.

Both titles will feature new content, including additional levels, different graphics settings and controller, mouse and keyboard support. Both titles will support full Steam Big Picture mode, in addition to ghost recording allowing players to compete with other users right in the game. Finally, the PC version is complete with a fully-featured level editor and is integrated with Steamworks which will let you browse levels through Steam Workshop.

"It's weird, PC is actually Joe Danger's birthplace," said managing director Sean Murray in a statement to Polygon. "We couldn't get hold of devkits when we started out, so I coded my first ever PC engine for the original Joe Danger, and we ended up developing the entire game on PC. I feel like the PC version has been brewing *forever* - but only played by four of us here in the office."

The PC release is coming soon; however, no exact release date has been announced.