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Xbox One’s Menu and View controller functions explained

Xbox One includes two new buttons labeled "Menu" and "View" that replace the Xbox 360's Start and Back buttons and add new functionality, IGN reports.

Speaking with the publication, a Microsoft representative said that the Menu button, located on the right, pulls up context-specific menus. These menus are used by game and app developers to "enhance the user experience."

"The Menu button could be used in scenarios such as bringing up in-game menus, showing video playback options and accessing commands on the console's user interface," Microsoft told IGN.

The View button's functionality can change depending on how developers utilize it. The button is meant to provide more information on apps or gameplay.

"Possible uses of the View button include viewing a map during a role-playing game, displaying a leaderboard in a first-person shooter and enhancing the navigation of the console's user interface," Microsoft said.

Xbox One was unveiled during Microsoft's event last week. The new system will not support Xbox 360 controllers. You can check out our hands-on experience with the controller here, or read all our current coverage through our StoryStream.