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Game Dev Tycoon developers to work full-time on title, update coming soon

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Game Dev Tycoon developer Daniel Klug will begin work full-time at Greenheart Games thanks to the game's success, brother and fellow developer Patrick Klug announced via the company website.

"The support from paying players (who are still outnumbered by pirates) is what makes all this possible," Patrick Klug wrote. "We will still have to remain a small and lean start-up, focusing on small-ish games — the funds we have would evaporate extremely quickly if we suddenly started hiring a team of game developers — but we are very grateful that we can continue our path."

Shortly after the launch of Game Dev Tycoon, the developer made headlines with its clever response to piracy. Greenheart Games uploaded an alternate version to a torrent site, which would inform players after a few hours that their company was going bankrupt due to piracy.

Patrick Klug also added that after listening to player feedback, the duo will release an update to address balance problems.

"The problem is that the game is tuned for some play styles but not for others," Patrick Klug wrote. "The game can be too punishing at certain stages and, what's worse, it doesn't give you enough feedback to be able to adapt your strategy."

The developer is currently working on launching the update in August, where it will first be released on Steam.

Game Dev Tycoon is currently available for $7.99 through Greenheart Games. The game was also recently Greenlit on Steam and is tentatively scheduled for release this summer. Steam keys will be available at a later date.

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