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Star Wars: The Old Republic double XP weekends start June 22, summer updates outlined

Star Wars: The Old Republic will resume its double XP weekends beginning June 22, BioWare Austin senior producer Bruce Maclean announced via the game's website.

According to Maclean's post, double XP weekends will run through July 7, with the final weekend beginning early in celebration of the Fourth of July.

Maclean also outlined the game's coming updates for the summer, beginning with update 2.2. Update 2.2, currently scheduled for June 11, will include new guild bonuses and Nightmare Mode Terror From Beyond, which introduces harder mechanics.

Update 2.3 is due Aug. 6 and will include new flashpoints, a new daily area and a new recurring event. Maclean added that the list isn't "exhaustive" and that the team is also working on long-term items. More details on those projects will be released closer to their launch.

Yesterday, BioWare apologized for accidentally banning between 100 to 150 of its players. According to the developer's post, these players were "incorrectly caught" and can dispute their bannings by visiting

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