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Infamous: Second Son’s pedestrians are almost all based off of real people

The next entry in Sucker Punch's Infamous series, Second Son, will feature citizens that are almost all based off of actual individuals, Game Informer reports.

The publication detailed the company's process of capturing the game's many pedestrians. Those chosen to represent in-game characters are first digitized through a 3D scanning process. High definition cameras are used to capture a 3D model of each person's face, after which each extra's movement is captured. The designers can then compile that data to create an image of that person and fill in any holes as needed.

According to Game Informer, the company scanned more than 75 people in three days. Characters were based off of models, family and friends. You can check out the entire process over at Game Informer.

Infamous: Second Son was announced during Sony's PlayStation 4 reveal. The game stars a new protagonist named Delsin and will launch exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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