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Heavy Gear Assault Kickstarter updated to feature single-player, Oculus Rift support

The Kickstarter campaign for Heavy Gear Assault, Stompy Bot's take on the Heavy Gear franchise, will feature single-player episodes and stretch goals, producer Vince McMullin announced.

Heavy Gear Assault is a mech simulator that includes customization, melee combat and in-game corporate sponsorships. According to McMullin in the video above, the team aims to create a "memorable" single-player experience within its $800,000 goal.

"We're going to change the stretch goals to incorporate a single-player experience into these stretch goals to the best of our ability," McMullin said. "In addition to that, we're going to include the first episode of our single-player mission in the $800,000 goal."

The first episode will take place during the War of the Alliance, shortly after the sandstorm strikes.

"We're going to be telling a war story like you've never seen before," McMullin said.

Stompy Bot also announced that it will also offer Oculus Rift support, though few other details were provided. The company kicked off funding last week via Kickstarter as a way to supplement the company's previous crowdfunding attempts through its website. Heavy Gear Assault is currently being developed for Windows PC, Mac and Linux.

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