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Shadowrun Returns dev diary outlines character portraits, customization

A new developer diary from Harebrained Schemes' Kickstarted tactical role-playing game, Shadowrun Returns, explains how the team creates the look of each character.

Shadowrun Returns is based off the Shadowrun tabletop role-playing game that first appeared in the ‘80s. The game takes place in the year 2054, shortly after the murder of a friend. According to the Kickstarter update, the game currently features almost 200 unique player portraits.

"In addition to covering the basics of the 10 possible gender and metahuman combinations, the portraits cover a wide range of ethnic backgrounds and etiquettes," the post reads. "Many of those variants are meant to support more magic focused or tech-centric characters, and some are simply opportunities [animator] Hollie [Mengert] saw to add something cool to the game and give you one more option that might spark your imagination."

Characters will have access to more than 30 gear sets, the post continues, and each are designed to work within the game's isometric environment. The full post is available on the game's Kickstarter page.

Shadowrun Returns launched a fundraising campaign in 2012 and surpassed its $400,000 goal, pulling in $1.8 million. The game is currently slated for release on Windows PC and Mac in July. Tablet and mobile versions of the game will be available on the Apple and Android app stores, and a Linux version is expected after. The game is currently available for pre-order on Steam and is expected to launch in June.