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Element4l launches for Steam, free DLC coming later

Indie platformer Element4l is now available on Steam and buyers will receive free downloadable content Lap Races when it launches, according to the game's page.

In Element4l, players transform into four different elements in order to reach the end of each stage. Players can chain different attributes together, such as fire or ice, to overcome obstacles. The game was created by i-Illusions, an indie developer from Brussels.

Element4l includes 16 levels with four stages, a competitive race mode, collectibles, achievements and more. The game's soundtrack is also included for free.

The title is available on Windows PC and Mac through Steam or to purchase through the game's website. Element4l is Steamworks-powered, however, and buyers will only be able to play it through Steam. Check out The Verge's hands-on preview here.

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