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Iron Man mod lets you wreak airborne havoc with repulsor weapons in GTA 4

Iron Man 4 version 1.1, a recently updated mod for Grand Theft Auto 4, replaces the game's protagonist Niko with super hero Iron Man.

Apart from flying, the mod features different Iron Man armors, the ability to call for backup and flying enemies. It also includes Iron Man's range of weapons, such as minigun, shoulder darts, mini rockets, hand repulsor beam, chest repulsor beam and super cannon.

The latest update for the mod consists of improved flight animations, taking damage results in sparks flaring from the armor and players will now take damage if they crash into objects.

Iron Man 4 version 1.1 was created by H1Vltg3, JulioNIB, wapeddelll, Quechus13. Check out taltigolt's video above for a 3-minute demonstration of the mod. Interested parties can download Iron Man 4 version 1.1 from the GTA4 Mods website.

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