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IGF-nominated stealth indie game Gunpoint coming June 3, pre-orders now open

IGF-nominated 2D stealth game, Gunpoint, will launch on June 3 for Windows PC and is now available for pre-order via the game's website and Steam.

Last month, Gunpoint's lead designer Tom Francis announced that the game will launch on Windows PC through Steam; however, a release date or pricing information was not provided at the time.

All three pre-order packages are currently on sale and include a DRM-free download of the game and a Steam key to unlock the title on Valve's distribution service. The entry level pre-order package is $9 (normally $10), and the Special Edition at $15 (usually $20) includes the soundtrack and developer commentary.

The Exclusive Edition for $27 (normally $30) includes all of the above, The Making of Gunpoint, The Prototype Pack, which lets gamers play nine different snapshots of the game's development, four exclusive soundtracks, and a The Secret Beta Access List that grants gamers beta access to future games.

Gunpoint is a puzzle game that tasks players with channeling electricity through switches and objects in order to progress through the levels. Numerous gadgets are at the players' disposal to help them navigate levels. For more information about Gunpoint and its gadgets, check out this gameplay video commentated by Francis.

Gunpoint's campaign is three hours long and the game also includes a level editor. The developers hope to bring the title to Mac and Linux platforms in the future.

The 2D stealth game was nominated for the Independent Games Festival award for Excellent in Design in 2012

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