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Final Fantasy 9 side quest rediscovered after thirteen years

An obscure Final Fantasy 9 side quest was rediscovered by Game FAQs forum member The_Kusabi, 13 years after the game's release in 2000.

The_Kusabi discovered the side quest via the game's companion book, Final Fantasy 9 Ultimania, which was published in 2004. Shortly after the post, Game FAQ user MysterPixel confirmed the existence of the side quest. YouTube user GarlandTheGreat then recorded a play through of the quest, as seen in the above video, and reported his findings.

The secret quest, which is on disc four of the game, involves 17 events to move the quest forward, according to GarlandTheGreat. After each event players must head back to Tantalus hideout to speak with members of Zenero's and Benero's family, each visit features a new member of the family. Gamers then obtain a Protect Ring at the conclusion the the quest.

Final Fantasy 9 first launched on July 7, 2000, in Japan and Nov. 14, 2000, in North America for the PlayStation.

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