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Square Enix unveils Final Fantasy Tactics S gameplay in a new trailer, launches in Japan

Square Enix released a trailer featuring gameplay for its Final Fantasy smartphone title, Final Fantasy Tactics S.

The trailer introduces characters and teases many more mysterious figures that will be featured in the game. It also showcases the 3D isometric game's maps, turn-based combat, special attacks and boss battles.

Final Fantasy Tactics S is available now for Android and iOS smartphones in Japan via Mobage. More information about the title is located on the game's official Japanese language website.

Last month, the company teased the smartphone game with a Japanese language website that revealed it will see a release on Mobage, a social network games publisher and portal, which is available for smartphone users in North America, China and Japan.

The 3D isometric tactical game role-playing game, Final Fantasy Tactics, was first released in North America in 1998 for the PlayStation and it later saw a release in 2009 on the PlayStation Network. It spawned sequels such as Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

Polygon contacted Square Enix for information and will update this post as it comes to hand.

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