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7 Days to Die blends the open world zombie genre with RPG and sandbox elements

Indie developer The Fun Pimps' 7 Days to Die aims for a different take on the open world zombie genre, adding Minecraft-like sandbox mechanics as well as elements of shooters, role-playing games, tower defense and survival horror to create a mash-up genre the team calls "Survival Horde."

7 Days to Die is named for the number of days left to those who are bitten by zombies. The game is set in 2034 in Navizgane County, Ariz. after nuclear war has decimated civilization. Those that remain are up against a strange virus the turns its host into a zombie. Players will have to defend themselves against these creatures as they salvage supplies, struggle to survive and learn the truth behind the outbreak.

According to the game's website, the voxel-based world is "fully destroyable, fully buildable," and allows players to explore every nook, cranny, building and environment. Players can build their own shelter against enemies programmed to be "relentless," as well as loot and mine for materials and craft their own items and weapons in a system "inspired by classic adventure games but modernized." Weapons and player-learned skills can also be upgraded in a system similar to that in RPGs.

Players will unravel the story at their own pace and can play alone or in an online co-op mode. The game also includes a special "Zombie Nomad Mode" that has no rules, according to the developer. "Creative Mode Tools" grants access to hundreds of different building block types, allowing players to build their own worlds and invite their friends to play in them.

Check out the trailer above for a first look at 7 Days to Die. The game will enter its alpha testing phase in July.

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