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Sony sends Minecraft creator a golden PSone

Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson recently received a shimmering golden PSone console, which was sent to him personally from Sony, according to tweets from the game designer.

Persson tweeted that Sony also sent him an original copy of 1995 role-playing game Dungeon Master 2.

"They sure know how to bribe nerds," he wrote.

When asked if developer Mojang was looking into Xbox One support for Minecraft in some capacity, Persson told Polygon he could not offer comment.

"We're not allowed to comment on not being allowed to comment on speculation on other platforms for console Minecraft," Persson said.

Sony's efforts in courting of indie developers has redoubled in the past few months. In addition to focusing on its indie catalog at the 2013 Game Developer Conference and a dedicated PlayStation Mobile game jam at IndieCade East in February, the company recently announced it would waive the PlayStation Mobile licensing fee this summer for small studios. A dedicated indie games category was also recently added to the PlayStation Store and its April PlayStation Network sale featured four new indie titles, with the company citing a "strong showing on independent titles" at GDC as its reason for highlighting them.

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