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NCAA Football 14's Dynasty Mode includes new Power Recruiting and RPG-inspired Coach Skills

NCAA Football 14, Electronic Arts' upcoming installment in the annual college football franchise, will include streamlined Power Recruiting options and Coach Skills inspired by role-playing games.

Power Recruiting does away with phone calls and other real-world simulations and replaces them with weekly points for players to spend. The game's Coach Skills system is inspired by role-playing games and allows players to level up coaches by achieving goals and breaking records. In turn, the skills earned as a coach allow players to recruit top talent. Check out the video above to see both in action.

NCAA Football 14 is set for release July 9 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For more on the game and how the developers at EA Tiburon hope to keep the feeling of college football while evolving the franchise, read our interview with producer Ben Haumiller.

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