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ESA sent 3.4 million takedown notices as part of anti-piracy efforts in 2012

The Entertainment Software Association sent 3.4 million takedown notices for copyright infringement during 2012 and helped remove more than 99,500 Google links containing infringed game files, according to the company's annual report.

The ESA's anti-piracy efforts also helped facilitate a 10 percent decrease from 2011 in the speed of removing infringing files. According to the report, some 5.4 million files were removed, with about 55 percent of them being removed in less than a day.

The ESA's major anti-piracy efforts extend to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea, During 2011, at least five major U.S. enforcement actions were performed in the US for cases involving more than 750 pirated Wii and Xbox 360 games, 100 pirated games and computers with disc-burners and more.

You can read the ESA's full report here.

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