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Crytek teases a return to the tropics with supposed Crysis 3 DLC images

Crytek is teasing images of what is believed to be upcoming DLC for Crysis 3, with pictures that suggest a return to the original tropical jungle of its predecessor Crysis.

The images above were released across the developer's social networking accounts. As noted by MP1st, the appearance of lens flare in one of the images - a graphical feature not present in the first two games of the series - suggests the images are for a future game release and likely DLC for Crysis 3.

DLC for the game was first hinted at in a recently posted achievements list which lists achievements related to taking down enemies using boat oars, among others.

One of the released images from Crytek also reveals a new weapon from the studio, with the appearance of "The Claw," shown off in a picture featuring two guns and the caption: "One of these weapons is very different to the other. COMMENT on which one you would most like to carry into combat?"

We have reached out to publisher Electronic Arts and developer Crytek for more information, and will report new details as we receive them.