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Defiance in-game event tasks players with finding a cure for a mysterious illness

A new in-game event in Trion Worlds' MMORPG Defiance asks players to hunt down a cure for a mysterious new illness, according to the game's community page.

The sickness has begun spreading across the Bay area, with treatment and research facilities set up in the Top Notch and Shandu's Consulate areas to aid efforts in nailing down a cure. Players must help biotechnician Eren Niden search for ways to combat the illness by finding three data recorders that may contain clues.

The event includes one new Pursuit mission, "Hunting the Cure," and collecting all three recorders will boost Ark Hunters' EGO rating.

The community page does not list a specific end date for the event. More details on recorder locations and reports on other players' progress can be found on the Defiance forums.

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