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Spicy Horse will make either OZombie or a new Alice title, Kickstarter set for July

American McGee's Spicy Horse Games will make either its Wizard of Oz-themed zombie game or the next installment in the Alice series, but not both, the developer announced today.

In a statement, the company wrote that it wants to develop both recently-announced OZombie and Alice: Otherlands, but only has the resources and funds to work on one. The company is still in negotiations with Electronic Arts regarding a licensing agreement for the Alice franchise, and if the publisher agrees this July Spicy Horse will start a Kickstarter campaign for Alice: Otherlands.

If an agreement is not reached with EA, Spicy Horse plans to proceed with development on OZombie. The chosen title will remain unannounced until the Kickstarter campaign launches in July.

Spicy Horse's Shanghai studio is currently hiring "in preparation for either OZombie or Alice: Otherlands development." The company is looking for experienced gameplay programmers familiar with Unity 3D, iOS and Android.

OZombie takes place in an Oz overrun by zombies created by the once fun-loving Scarecrow, who has stolen their brains and is sucking the magic and creativity from the world. Alice: Otherlands tasks our knife-wielding heroine with saving the children of London by invading the minds, or Wonderlands, of others and helping them where needed.

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