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First Soul Sacrifice DLC pack available today in North America and Europe

The first batch of downloadable content for Soul Sacrifice launched yesterday for the North American version of the game, and arrives today in Europe according to a post on PlayStation Blog.

The free DLC, which arrives alongside update 1.10 for Marvelous's multiplayer monster-slaying PS Vita game, adds eight new quests, a new map and two new bosses. It also adds a new "Berserker" Black Rite, which gives you enhanced strength at the cost of your brain, preventing you to see which Offerings you've assigned to which buttons.

The update also adds an augmented reality mini-game to the title, which lets the player bring their character into the real world using an AR card and the PS Vita's rear camera. By collecting "memories" in this mini-game, players can gain valuable lacrima which they can use in the core game.

For more information on the free DLC pack and its contents, check out this PlayStation Blog post from Sony America producer Kumi Yuasa.

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