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Most PS4 games required to support Remote Play via PS Vita

Most PlayStation 4 games must support Remote Play via PlayStation Vita, reports Eurogamer Digital Foundry.

Eurogamer cited a "trusted PlayStation 4 developer source" who reportedly said Remote Play support will be mandated for all PS4 games, with the only exceptions being games that require the use of the new PlayStation Eye camera. Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, later confirmed the report on his Twitter account.

Remote Play is a feature through which PlayStation 4 titles can be streamed to a PlayStation Vita over Wi-Fi and played on the handheld, with the game being mirrored on both screens. The functionality debuted on PlayStation 3, with support on PlayStation Portable and PS Vita for PlayStation 1 titles and certain PS3 games. It will be natively supported on PS4 through Gaikai, announced Gaikai CEO Dave Perry during Sony's PS4 unveiling in February. At the time, Perry said Sony aimed to have all PS4 titles support Remote Play.

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