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Snail Games announces dance MMO Music Soul, action RPG Solar Tempest for E3

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Age of Wushu publisher Snail Games will bring that game and three others, including the newly announced titles Music Soul and Solar Tempest, the company said today.

Music Soul is a massively multiplayer online dance game, Snail Games' first title in the music genre. Solar Tempest is another first for the publisher, which is known for free-to-play online games: The post-apocalyptic action RPG will offer "a rich and diverse single-player experience" along with online play. Snail Games did not announce a release window for either title.

The company will also show Black Gold, its previously announced steampunk fantasy MMO, at E3. Snail Games will round out its lineup with the upcoming Legends of Mount Hua expansion for the martial-arts MMO Age of Wushu (screenshot above). The game itself launched last month in North America.

"As our portfolio expands and continues to push MMO boundaries, this year's E3 lineup serves as a significant stepping stone for our ongoing global expansion," said Shi Hai, Snail Games' founder and chairman, in a press release today.

All four titles are in development on Windows PC. Black Gold is set for release later this year, and Legends of Mount Hua will be available starting in July. You can check out the newest Black Gold trailer below.

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