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MapleStory introduces Farmville-like minigame called Monster Life

Nexon's free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game, MapleStory, recently introduced a new monster-orientated Farmville-like minigame called Monster Life.

Similar to popular games found on Facebook, Monster Life allows players to create and personalize their own farms and raise a plethora of monsters. Users can also visit and interact with other's monsters and farms.

Although Monster Life offers an alternative gameplay to MapleStory, raising monsters awards benefits to players to use in the standard MapleStory gameplay.

Monster Life features several hundred monsters in 23 different categories with seven ranks for each type. Monsters can increase in level through nurturing and playing — the level cap sits at 40. The number of monsters a farm can have depends on the level of the farm; the higher the level the more monsters. Alternatively, bigger farm plots can be bought.

MapleStory initially launched in Korea in 2003 for Windows PC and later saw an American release in 2005. Watch the video below to see Monster Life in action.

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