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The Last of Us Firefly pendant contest winners feature birdhouses, pencil holders and piano arrangements

Twenty-four artistic fans will get to leave their mark on The Last of Us for creating videos, fan art and cosplay based on Naughty Dog's upcoming title, the developer announced today.

The winners of Naughty Dog's Firefly Pendant contest will have their names engraved on the pendants worn by the in-game group the Fireflies, a prominent militia organization in The Last of Us a key component of the game's plot.

Entries into the game's fan art competition include a pencil holder sculpted to look like one of the Infected, a birdhouse (pictured above) and a handful of artwork. Winners in the video section of the contest feature a recreation of one of The Last of Us trailers in LittleBigPlanet 2, a music video for a piano arrangement of the game's main theme, a short film and a very eerie teaser trailer. A full list of winners can be found on Naughty Dog's blog.

The winners of the contest's cosplay component are featured in a video at IGN, showcasing the eight entrants that best captured the look of The Last of Us protagonists Ellie and Joel, a member of the Hunter faction and the Infected.

"Even having seen amazing past work from our fans these entries exceeded our lofty expectations," Naughty Dog wrote in a statement.

The Last of Us is slated to launch as a PlayStation 3 exclusive on June 14.

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