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Dishonored Void Walker's Arsenal bonus items DLC hits May 14

The Void Walker's Arsenal add-on content, previously accessible only to those who pre-ordered Dishonored, will be available for purchase across at platforms on May 14, publisher Bethesda announced today.

The DLC includes four bundles of additional items, bone charm slots, books, coins and other bonuses: the Acrobatic Killer Pack, Arcane Assassin Pack, Backstreet Butcher Pack and the Shadow Rat Pack. Dishonored players can purchase the content through the PlayStation Store and Steam for $3.99 and the Xbox Live Marketplace for 320 Microsoft Points ($4).

The Void Walker's Arsenal DLC will be available for PS3 in Europe on May 15.

  • Acrobatic Killer Pack: bone charm bonuses (drop-down assassination health bonus, bolt and arrow dodging, increased swimming speed), in-game hagfish statue to unlock an additional bone charm bonus slot, unhidden book (Rumors and Sightings: Daud), 500 coins
  • Arcane Assassin Pack: bone charm bonuses (powers duration and damage, white rats won't be hostile, bonus for white rat mana consumption), whale statue unlocking additional bone charm slot, unhidden book (Field Notes: The Journal of Granny Rags), 500 coins
  • Backstreet Butcher Pack: bone charm bonuses (sword fighting advantage bonus, reduced explosion damage, increased damage for whisky bottle explosions), wolfhound stature unlocking additional bone charm slot, unhidden book (Early Life and Times: Slackjaw), 500 coins
  • Shadow Rat Pack: bone charm bonuses (noise reduction when breaking glass, magnification of sight when looking through keyholes, larger capacity for breathing underwater), golden rat statue unlocking additional bone charm slot, unhidden book (Field Notes: The Royal Spy), 500 coins

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