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Solstice Arena trailer introduces Zynga's mobile MOBA headed to phones and tablets

Solstice Arena, a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena from the former developers of Lucky Space at A Bit Lucky, is headed to phones and tablets soon, according to a blog post from the developers.

Zynga acquired the developer last year, and a post from Team Solstice published today revealed that Solstice Arena will feature three-on-three gameplay, three game modes (solo versus AI, co-op versus AI and player versus player) and matches targeted to last 10 minutes. As you'd expect from a MOBA, players will be able to earn experience and upgrade their "Heroes."

"Our main goal with Solstice Arena was, and is, to take gameplay we love from a genre we love and transform it in such a way that allowed anyone — hardcore fans and casual players — to experience the thrill of multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) gaming right from their mobile devices," the developers wrote.

Check out the trailer above to see Solstice Arena in action and the gallery below for a closer look.

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