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XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iPad will support cloud saves and multiplayer

Firaxis Games's XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS will support cloud saves so players can start a game on an iPad and continue it on an iPhone, according to a 2K Games representative. The game will also support multiplayer, but the multiplayer mode will come in a free title update that is due to release later down the line.

Polygon recently played a demo of XCOM: Enemy Unknown on iPad and we were able to experience the game's touch control optimizations. Where a player would use their mouse to move the camera and zoom in and out in the PC version of the game, the iOS version allows players to move the camera with a finger, zooming in and out by pinching and pulling on the screen.

Controlling characters involves tapping on a soldier to select and double tapping a location to get them to move. Players can select soldiers to perform actions by either finding them on the map and tapping on them directly, or using the swiping motion to swipe between soldiers.

According to publisher 2K Games, XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS is the full XCOM game with fewer maps and slightly lower resolution textures due to the limitations of the hardware. However, the differences aren't noticeable and, during our time with the game, we did not encounter repeated maps.

When Polygon spoke with XCOM: Enemy Unknown's lead designer, Jake Solomon earlier this year, he said the iOS version is intended to be a complete port of the AAA console and PC experience. While the iOS version may feature fewer maps, "we still have all the destructible environments, there's the fog of war," and all integral cutscenes have been kept.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS is due to release this summer at a premium app price. It will not launch with multiplayer, but 2K Games confirmed that a multiplayer mode will be included in a free title update.

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