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30th Anniversary Luigi-themed 3DS XL bundle coming to Japan on July 18

The 30th Anniversary Luigi-themed 3DS XL bundle will launch in Japan on July 18 for 22,800 yen (approximately 225.90 USD), according to the Nintendo Japan website.

The Luigi-themed bundle was officially announced during a Japanese Nintendo Direct last month. The bundle includes an SD card containing role-playing game, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, which is due to launch in Japan on July 18, Europe on July 12 and North America on Aug. 11.

In the game, Mario must traverse between the real world and Luigi's dreams in order to rescue Peach. In the dream world, players use clones of Luigi to take down enemies and navigate landscapes. Mario and Luigi team up in the real world to defeat the bad guys and ultimately save Peach. For more information about Mario & Luigi: Dream Team check out our previous coverage and the game's trailer.

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