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'Two Silhouettes' trailer reveals Rain is coming this Fall

A new trailer for Japan Studio's Rain reveals that the game is slated to launch this Fall for PlayStation 3.

The trailer titled "Two Silhouettes," soggily leads players deeper into the intertwined lives of the main characters. It shows an almost invisible boy, who can only be seen when it rains, running through drenched streets, trying to save the girl he followed into the invisible Rain world. As both characters are hunted by wretched creatures, the paths of the boy and girl eventually meet up, where they try to survive together.

PlayStation Europe released seven new images of the title, featuring different in-game locations, such as the scaffold-riddled church, colorful circus and the abandoned industrial factory.

"It is here that the boy discovers that when he walks through mud he can be seen by any enemy and only by walking through a deep rain puddle to wash off the mud will he be able to hide once again," Dais Kawaguchi, Rain's associate producer, wrote on the PlayStation Europe blog.

The third-person adventure title was first announced last August for PlayStation Network and was initially slated to arrive late last year. For more information, watch Rain's previous trailer, which shows how the boy found his way into the Rain world by chasing after the invisible girl.

Rain will be featured at E3 2013. The event will take place June 11-13, 2013, and Polygon will be there to bring you all the news.

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