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Killzone: Shadow Fall creators discuss PS4 development environment in new video

Killzone: Shadow Fall developer Guerrilla Games discusses the PS4's graphical capabilities, development environment, streaming download and other new features in a new developer diary posted on the PlayStation Blog today.

The video, posted above, shows footage of the in-development title as well as comments from the team detailing all the special effects the PS4 allows them to have on screen at once.

"We've found it's not a single feature that we've never been able to do, but it's the power and the combination of all of these features," said game director Steven ter Heide.

"Previously you may have seen high dynamic ranged lighting, you may have seen really exquisite particle affects and all of that," he added. "Now we can combine all of them, which we don't have to pick and choose — we can just have all of that on screen at the same time."

Guerilla Games shares details of the experience using the PS4 development kit, stating the console is "easy" to work with and its tools were "up and running" smoothly for them from day one. According to the team, this allowed them to focus more on developing the game itself rather than tweaking the development environment.

Check out the full video above for a behind the scenes look at Killzone: Shadow Fall.

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