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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 teaser trailer shows off Fox Engine at play

Konami has released a teaser trailer for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 featuring entirely in-game footage using the modified Fox Engine, the engine used in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

It was revealed in March that future Pro Evolution Soccer games will use a modified version of Kojima Productions' Fox Engine. The engine will introduce new features to PES and will enhance the development process on next-gen consoles, tablets and mobile devices.

Prior to the Fox Engine, Konami has used the same engine for the series since PES on PlayStation 2. The modified Fox Engine will give Konami time to develop an upgrade to the old engine.

Last month, Konami announced that the AFC Champions League will appear in upcoming PES titles as part of a deal with the AFC. As a result of the deal, future PES games will feature a new game mode just for the AFC Champions League, allowing gamers to play as one of 32 qualifying clubs in the tournament.

Konami will reveal more about PES 2014 at its pre-E3 2013 show on June 6, 2013, where Polygon will be reporting live to bring you the news.

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