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World of Warcraft introduces the flesh-eating Armored Bloodwing mount for $25.00

World of Warcraft recently introduced the Armored Bloodwing to its stable of mounts, which is available for $25.00 from the Blizzard Store.

Once a player purchases the Armored Bloodwing mount from the Blizzard Store, it will be unlocked to present and future characters on a single account.

"Soar into battle atop the undisputed ruler of the night skies-the all-new Armored Bloodwing mount. This monstrous, flesh-eating bat is the perfect companion for trips that call for death and destruction," Armored Bloodwing's description states.

Watch the video above to see the Armored Bloodwing in action. The U.S. Blizzard Store currently offers five mounts, ranging from the Soul of the Aspects to the Celestial Steed, which all cost $25.00. The store also includes $10.00 pets, such as the Cinder Kitten, Lil' XT and Moonkin Hatchling.

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