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Monster Hunter 4 trailers show new environments, beasts and cliff-hanging combat

A quartet of new trailers for Monster Hunter 4 show the new locales and enemies in the next installment in Capcom's wildly popular monster-slaying franchise.

Much of the trailers' content will be familiar to series fans; the new environments, equipment and enemies look like what people expect a Monster Hunter game to look like. New to Monster Hunter 4 is the grapple feature, which allows players to jump onto a monster to attack it from its back. It remains to be seen if players can do this with the largest enemies for a Shadow of the Colossus-esque experience, or if it is only limited to the smaller foes.

Monster Hunter 4 will also have a more vertical elements to its fights, giving the player character the ability to fight enemies while clinging to walls and hanging from webbing. While each of the trailers shows a multitude of fantasy beasts to hunt and slay, they all include Monster Hunter 4's flagship beast, a shadowy dragon called Goa Magara.

Monster Hunter 4 hits Nintendo 3DS in Japan on September 14.

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