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Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies trailer teams Phoenix and Apollo up against a jailbird prosecutor

The latest trailer for Capcom's 3DS adventure game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies shows the series' two defense attorneys teaming up against an enigmatic new prosecutor.

In the trailer, both Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice (stars of the first three and the fourth Ace Attorney games, respectively) take to the defense bench to argue their cases. This trailer introduces the chain-wearing bearing Jin Yugami, a prosecutor who has been thrown in jail but who still takes cases with a bird of prey on his shoulder, and detective Ban Gouzou, a loud boisterous personality with a passion for justice. Presumably, both of these new characters will receive English-language names when the game is localized for the West.

While the trailer shows off new heroine Athena Cykes' mood-sensing "Heart Scope" ability, which allows the player to monitor witnesses' emotions during their testimony to ferret out clues that they might be lying, it also hints that the previous two gameplay systems will be returning. Phoenix's "Psyche Locks" show the player visible locks when a character has something to hide, and Apollo's "Perceive System" enables him to zoom in on a character to try and find nervous ticks that might give them away.

The trailer also briefly shows returning characters Pearl Fey and Klavier Gavin. A full fan translation of the dialogue can be found at Court Records.

Dual Destinies hits Nintendo 3DS this fall.

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