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The Secret World getting virtual training scenarios, new advancement system in Issue 8

The Secret World's eighth content update will add training scenarios and a new advancement system, said game director Joel Bylos in his monthly letter to players today.

Issue 7, "A Dream to Kill," is set for release "in the coming weeks," said Bylos, adding that it will be available shortly before the game's one-year anniversary; The Secret World originally launched in early July 2012. You can see the issue's cover art below.

The seventh issue will end with the revelation that an unknown corrupting force is spreading through Agartha, the titular secret realm, starting at the new Tokyo entrance to the hidden world. The timing of the eighth issue will depend on how quickly players can fight back against the filth and contain it. Issue 8 will begin once players are told to start training with the Council of Venice to prepare for the Tokyo battle.

That will happen after players have completed a number of Scenarios, which are virtual worlds within the game that are designed to train players to deal with a variety of threats. Scenarios will be available for solo and group play, and have randomized elements that encourage players to repeat them.

Developer Funcom also plans to release a new advancement system with Issue 8, the Augment system, which is tied to Scenarios. The Augment system will let players gear their characters toward particular roles — damage, support, healing or survivability — with improvements to their existing abilities.


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