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QWOP in real life looks more difficult than playing the game itself

YouTube user ProTek Productions snagged some footage of a QWOP cosplayer at Anime North 2013 over the weekend, following the slinking, bending athlete as he attempted to locomote in some way.

The video, posted above, shows one man's quest to be the very best at being the very worst. His form, down to the way he lands unsteadily on his heels and falls flat onto his side is perfectly imperfect. He nails the wobbly legs and frozen, blank stare of the QWOP runner.

Mastering the QWOP controls and pressing the right buttons at the right time is one thing, but this cosplayer demonstrates that mastering flipping over yourself and face planting is quite, quite another.

QWOP creator Bennett Foddy recently added two-player multiplayer to the game for the backers of indie bundle Sportsfriends.

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