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Grid 2 launch trailer races through streets and on tracks around the world

A newly-released launch trailer for Grid 2 proudly shows off the variety of cars and environments in Codemasters' newest racing title.

For players who prefer a more natural environment, the trailer shows a race along a coastal highway in classic muscle cars, while urban lovers get modern supercars speeding through the streets and tunnels of major cities around the globe. Racing purists, meanwhile, can rest assured that there are plenty of plain old racetracks to be found as well.

In the fiction of Grid 2, wealthy race aficionado Patrick Callahan founds the World Series of Racing, a competition that aims to find the best drivers and the fasted cars from all corners of the globe to face off against one another.

Grid 2 releases today in Europe for Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It launched in North America this past Tuesday, May 28.

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