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Underestimate Nintendo 'at your peril,' Warren Spector says

Nintendo may be ailing, but people shouldn't count the company out, Warren Spector, creator of Deus Ex, Epic Mickey, Wing Commander and many more games, told GameSpot.

Nintendo revealed a $366 million annual operating loss in April, due in part to slower than expected Wii U sales. It was the company's second consecutive annual loss. Despite the sluggish start, Spector is bullish on the company's prospects.

"I've been pretty upfront about my enthusiasm for Nintendo," Spector said. "I think we need a company that's dedicated to games. Every time I visit Nintendo, I'm relieved to have spent time in a place where you can just feel how much everyone loves games. And, really, how many times have people written Nintendo off? I think you underestimate them at your peril."

Earlier this month, Spector announced that he's joined the University of Texas in Austin's Denius-Sams Gaming Academy. Be sure to check out Polygon's interview with Spector to learn more about his future in academia. We'll learn more about Nintendo's future at its pre-E3 "Software Showcase," where the company is expected to reveal a new Mario Kart, Wii Party, Super Smash Bros. and a new 3D Mario action game from the Super Mario Galaxy team.

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