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Neverwinter trailer guides you through the Whispering Caverns

A new trailer for Neverwinter, Cryptic and Perfect World Entertainment's free-to-play action-MMO, introduces players to the game's highest-level adventure zone, the Whispering Caverns.

The Whispering Caverns will be filled with monsters at the level 60 cap and is the first location players will encounter mind flayers, enemies who use psionic abilities. Check out the video above for a look at the Whispering Caverns' underground labyrinth.

According to a dev blog posted with the video, the zone is located in the Underdark, meaning players "will go from rough-hewn caves to giant underground cities to strange alien environments." Players will explore the drow city of Zesraena, the Steelshear Mines and more.

Neverwinter entered open beta at the end of last month. You can read our preview, which explores the game's transition from top-down to action, here.

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