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Project Awakened funding put on hold, backers to receive full refunds

Funding for Phosphor Games' open-world action title Project Awakened has been put on hold effective immediately, according to a post on the game's official site.

According to the post, "alternative funding options" have been recently brought before the team and updates will be forthcoming on the game's Facebook page.

"Phosphor Games would like to thank you for your continued support of Project Awakened, but at this time we need to put our funding endeavor on hold effective immediately," the update reads. "Everyone who pledged money will be receiving a full refund. Rest assured, our goal is to one day complete this game that we are all very passionate about."

Phosphor Games initially launched a Kickstarter, which ran Feb. 4 through March 6, in an effort to obtain $500,000 in funding. The campaign fell short at $338,498, about two-thirds of its target. Following the Kickstarter's end, the company launched its own fundraising drive in an effort to continue the game.

We have reached out to Phosphor Games for comment and will update accordingly.

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