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Dead Space Plasma Cutter replica uses lasers to burn through wood, plastic

Laser-Gadgets founder and crafter Patrick Priebe created a low-level working replica of Dead Space's Plasma Cutter.

Priebe, whose previous works include an Iron Man gauntlet, laser tool and flame glove, demonstrates the Plasma Cutter's power to burn through wood and plastic in the video above. According to Gizmag, the homemade item uses three 30-milliwatt green lasers to aim and another two 1,500 milliwatt blue lasers to burn through objects. It weighs in at about 4.4 lbs and requires one 18650 and three 14500 lithium-ion batteries to run.

Priebe does not provide a tutorial on how he created the Plasma Cutter, a project that apparently took around 200 hours to build, but will sell it for the right price.

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