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Dragon Nest receives its first playable Prophetess

The next character for Eyedentity Games' free-to-play MMO Dragon Nest is Kali, Alter's second prophet.

The trailer above demonstrates Kali's agility, dark magic, spirit attacks and melee attacks with her fan blade weapons. She also has the ability to strengthen allies. Rose was the game's first prophetess; however she was a non-playable character.

Kali's class can advance into a Screamer or Dancer class, and from there, level up into a Dark Summoner, Soul Eater, Blade Dancer or Spirit Dancer.

Dragon Nest originally launched in Korea in March 2010 and saw a North American release on Sept. 2011. The MMO received an expansion last November called "Lotus March," which introduced new locations, characters and increased the level cap to 50.

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