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Pacific Rim coming as a downloadable multiplatform fighting game adaption

WWE and UFC video game developer Yuke's and mobile game developer Jump Games will develop and publish a downloadable multiplatform fighting game and a mobile game, respectively, based on upcoming science fiction movie Pacific Rim.

Alleged screenshots of the Yuke's-developed title, depicting battles between mechs and monsters in mid-Pacific Ocean environments, were recently posted online by Imgur user "sangreal." The screenshots also feature mech against mech, and monster versus monster fights, as well as a character customization screenshot with a leveling up option.

In an agreement with Legendary Pictures, both studios will develop Pacific Rim games for a worldwide audience. Yuke's will develop a game for Windows PC and consoles, while the developer of mobile games such as Total Recall and Reel Steel will work to bring the license to smartphones and tablets.

Other notable Legendary merchandising agreements include those with NECA, who will create Pacific Rim-branded collectible action figures; Legendary Comics will look after graphic novel adaptations; and Sideshow Collectibles will create high-end replicas and statues.

Director Guillermo del Toro cast the voice of Portal's robotic villain, Ellen McLain, as Pacific Rim's AI as tribute to GlaDOS. The movie's trailer featured a "full-on GlaDOS" filter applied McLain's voice; however, del Toro noted the filter used in the movie won't have as strong resemblance.

The Pacific Rim film will be released in theatres July 12. It is unknown when the video game adaption will be released, but the Yuke's-developed Pacific Rim was recently listed on the Australian Classification Board with an M rating and a "gaming experience may change online" consumer advice note.

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