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Might and Magic Heroes 6 suffering from crashes, glitches and absent content

Ubisoft's turn-based strategy title Might and Magic Heroes 6 is currently plagued by crashes, freezing issues and in some places missing content, according to posts on various forums devoted to the game.

Players have taken to Ubisoft's official forums as well as the Steam and dedicated Heroes community forums to report the issues. These include problems launching the game, invalid game keys and the inability to save the game manually, among others. Problems are occurring across both the main game and its recently-released expansion pack, Shades of Darkness.

Two weeks ago Ubisoft launched the game's patch 2.1, which may be contributing to the problems. Earlier this weekend, a representative for Ubisoft posted on the company forums that they were aware of the issues with Might and Magic Heroes 6 following the patch's launch, and were looking to resolve the issues.

"We are aware some of you are suffering issues still, please be aware we are working to correct these and we apologise and thank you for your patience as we correct these issues," the representative wrote, noting that "none of [players'] content" had been lost and all of it would "reappear" once the game's problems have been rectified.

The representative also told those having issues with game keys that the keys are not broken and would be fixed as soon as possible, and provided a link to a workaround that has been successful with some players.

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