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FarmVille 2 on mobile may share save data with PC, production streamlined to reduce cost

One way mobile developer Zynga is looking to improve its revenue is by increasing the scope of FarmVille 2, and is currently looking to port the title to mobile devices with a possible cloud saving feature, CEO Mark Pincus told Reuters.

Pincus said "the ideal" would be to allow players with FarmVille 2 on PC and mobile to save in the cloud and switch playing between both devices without losing content.

There are technical challenges to porting the game mobile, Pincus said, and Zynga is looking into ways to overcome them.

"The ideal is to make that one seamless experience between web and mobile so you can take your farming experience from work to home," Pincus said. "We're having to retool and reinvent around our process and technology."

According to Pincus, since launching the first FarmVille on Facebook in 2009, Zynga has streamlined its development process to reduce required resources and costs by more than 80 percent for each major game update. This could help bolster Zynga's overall revenue, he said, noting that the company will continue to produce content for the game as long as there is demand for it.

"As long as our players are interested in farming, we'll offer a Farmville," Pincus said. "It could be the Seinfeld of our era in gaming, a multi-season show that has a quality and a consistency that you can rely on."

In January, Zynga shared that FarmVille 2 had gained 40 million active monthly users since its launch last September. The company announced they were looking into porting FarmVille 2 and other popular titles to mobile back in February during an investor call.

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